Welcome to ThinkIngall

Large world-class brands, small established companies and emerging entrepreneurs work with us because of our honest approach, fresh ideas and ability to genuinely provide a voice for their brands. We listen to the people we work with, learn about them, and offer something special for the growth of their businesses.

Based in Toronto, Canada, we’re a principal-driven branding, packaging and advertising studio. That means you work directly with us! We work with companies all over the globe producing high level and award winning creative.

A bit about us

Trevor Ingall, RGD
(Principal & Creative Director)

Since 2001, Trevor has focused on developing a large body of work that encompasses the creative principals for producing engaging and successful creative communication solutions.

Trevor is always thinking about creative projects, loves the smell of high octane race cars early in the morning and when not designing, illustrating or writing, is searching for the smoothest twisty roads in the GTA. Pickings are slim, but he loves the challenge.

Joann Jalfen, BURPL
(Principal & Account Director)

As a design and product innovator with some 16+ years rooted in strategic communication and art direction, Jo has focused on creating the best tactics for tackling the many challenges that businesses face today. She is a specialist in how to keep things moving towards simultaneous goals. Jo also actively lectures under Mindset, a leadership and youth enrichment company she founded in 2008.

Jo is an eternal problem solver. She has an uncanny ability to take complex ideas and condense them into something simple and effective. She loves customizing everything and is the author of 101 ways to burn what you’re cooking. All for very good reasons though.

Get in touch! We’re always on the lookout for special projects.